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Slaughter Trailers

Gooseneck and Bumper pull models available in various sizes. USDA approved designs for Beef, buffalo, poultry. Features: 10 ft Refrigeration Compartment - 4 ft Gut Compartment - Designed for Quarter Beef - Processed Outside Features - 16 ft Gooseneck with an 8 ft ceiling height - FRP Panel Board with Aluminum Deck Floor - Tandem 8,000 lbs. axles with 16 ply tires - Prepped, drilled & wired for installing reefer unit - 4 inches of Spray urethane insulation - Commercial Generator 6500 watts - Two 12-volt Deep cycle batteries - Transfer Switch between Line Power and Generator - 110 Volt 100-amp Battery Charger - 200 Gallon freshwater tank - On Demand hot water heater - 12-volt water pump (55 psi) - Frost Free Hose attachments in front compartments - LED Lights inside and Out - Gut Barrel Crane & Hoist - Swinging Crane with Hydraulic telescoping - Roof Mounted Crane and hydraulic lift - 8000 lbs. Mile Marker winch on Swing crane - 8000 lbs. Mile Marker winch on Roof Mounted Crane - 30 Locking Stainless Trolleys - Stainless Steel Rail and Hangers

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